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Fragmented Almanac

“The epoch of the Alchemist and the Hacker, the era of Signals and Transmutations”

The Fragmented Almanac is a strange document, an oddity even amongst Dreamcast games.  At the junction of video games, art and alchemy, this project is the culmination of 7 years of Dreamcast development, spread over 5 different games. The Fragmented Almanac re-unites two of these short experimentations to create an unique adventure set in a multifaceted and complex timeline. 

For the first time, both The Hideout and Summoning Signals are presented on a physical release with enhanced visual and audio.

THE HIDEOUT : This place is filled with alchemical knowledge, old tales and mystical symbols. It's the hidden path in the forest, seen by very few. Can you unlock its secret? (The Hideout was originally a demo for Reaperi Cycle)

SUMMONING SIGNALS : Sprinter-2 crashed on an Unknown Planet. Help the Pilot and figure out a way to leave the labyrinth. Discover this strange world where new technology and old ruins coexist.

  • A new style of point-and-click adventure with immersive environnement.
  • Unique art style blending photogrammetry and isometric art.
  • Discover the puzzling story and meet enigmatic characters.
  • Completely new Almanac system guides you through the complex world of the Cycles.
  • Eerie soundtrack composed by Gabriel Ledoux.
  • Hints and Art displayed on the VMU (optional).

    A game by Roby Provost, Charles Arsenault Dionne, Simon Chiasson Greffard 
    with music by Gabriel Ledoux and Anna Arrobas.

Release Date : April 8th.



The digital version is compatible with GDemu, Flycast emulator (mobile or desktop) and many gaming handheld devices.

GENRE: Art Game, Point and Click , Narrative
PLAYER(S): 1 Player
REGION: Region Free
RELEASE: Q1 2024

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